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Wellness Centers

Bridgeway Center’s Wellness Centers provide integrated, individualized psychosocial wellness programs for consumers seeking to better their lives and maintain independence.

Our services include:

  • Life Skills Group
  • Skill Exploration
  • Emotional Growth Group
  • Physical Fitness, Nutritional Classes, and Recreational Activities
  • Use of Evidence-Based Wellness Programs
  • Freedom Way Substance Abuse Support Group and 12-Step Meetings
  • Socialization Activities
    Our programs are client/guest based and designed to meet participants’ needs. All programs are subject to change based on the client/guest’s preferences and needs. Feedback is given to staff through surveys, a Consumer Council, and suggestion boxes. Clients/guests also work with group facilitators to design topics, curricula, and engage in peer leadership opportunities.

Hours of Operation:

Fort Walton Beach: 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
Crestview: 10:00 AM-3:00 PM or as scheduled for special activities


For Further Information

Fort Walton Beach (850) 376-4372 / (850) 376-4673

Crestview (850) 376-4036 / (850) 585-8543