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Anger Management

If you, or someone you know, struggles with anger management, we are here to help.

A comprehensive program designed to help individuals identify and control their anger.

Anger is a normal emotion experienced by everyone. However, when left uncontrolled, it can become a destructive force that impacts daily life and the lives of others. Our program is dedicated to helping individuals take responsibility for their anger and develop healthy coping patterns to get it under control.

Our program consists of 10 weeks of focused sessions, including identifying triggers, exploring the pattern formation of rage, and utilizing newly learned skills to manage anger. Participants are encouraged to provide feedback to the provider and peers regarding changes they are experiencing while using these new skills.

We understand that accepting the need for anger management can be challenging for some individuals. However, our program offers a safe and supportive environment to help individuals take responsibility for their behavior and prevent further escalating behaviors.

We aim to help individuals control their anger and avoid unhealthy circumstances and negative consequences. Without help, uncontrolled anger can lead to drastic changes in lifestyle, including the loss of family, friends, and employment.


For Further Information

Please contact us at (850) 833-7500 to learn more about our program and how we can assist you in taking control of your anger.