Stefanie Fontaine, a Florida Panhandle native, started her career at BCI in June 2007 at 19 years old. What was supposed to be a summer job as a medical records specialist turned into a career of innovation, creativity, and service to the community. Stefanie worked in various positions in medical records, eventually redesigning the department into what is now Health Information Services. In each position, Stefanie was always willing to learn new things and ways to improve BCI continuously. Her love of learning inspired her to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in education, and she uses the skills she learned at Northwest Florida State College to communicate with and train staff effectively. Stefanie finished her degree in 2018, just in time to work as a project manager for implementing BCI’s new electronic health record system. In February 2019, Stefanie reached a goal she set in 2009- to become a surveyor for CARF International, with whom BCI has held continuous national accreditation since 2006. In May 2019, Stefanie was promoted to Director of Growth & Development, where she explores new opportunities for BCI, learns how to implement new programs, and manages projects.

Stefanie lives in Fort Walton Beach and always plans her next travel adventure. She enjoys cooking, crafting, and DIY remodeling projects.