August Employee of the Month

Sep 26, 2023

Please join me in congratulating Tiffany Cox, Access Practice Supervisor, for earning the title of Employee of the Month for August 2023. Tiffany was selected for this award by BCI’s Program Leadership members. With great pride and excitement, we award Tiffany this distinguished recognition. Tiffany started at Bridgeway Center, Inc. (BCI) in June 2019 and has been an essential part of BCI’s team.

Her supervisors nominated Tiffany, Larry McFarland, and Cindy Kelly, who said, “We would like to nominate Tiffany Cox, Access Practice Supervisor, for the following reasons. Tiffany has taken the Access Center to a new level. Tiffany constantly motivates her team and lets them know how much she appreciates them, whether it be words of appreciation or sending out riddles during the day to make them laugh. Behavix data entry is vital to earning BCI’s SAMH funding; as such Tiffany has gone above and beyond in entering not only her list of outcomes in a timely manner, but once she completes hers, will volunteer to help those of other team members who were unable to get their assigned outcomes entered. Outpatient Services survives on revenue derived from the provision of individual services; as such, Tiffany takes a proactive role in monitoring and assessing appointment data and makes insightful CQI suggestions to alter processes to improve service access. She has assigned Therapists to each Access Team Member to call and remind them of their OP Appointment, which anecdotally appears to have positively impacted reducing no-shows. Tiffany recently volunteered to take the lead as “Captain” for the Dragon Boat Race. This role has required hours of her time to orchestrate the BCI Boat Team successfully. There were many obstacles executing this role, but Tiffany took it all in stride while continuing to motivate the team. Due to Tiffany’s leadership, Bridgeway Center won second place in the race. For these and other reasons too numerous to list, we are submitting Tiffany for consideration as Employee of the Month.”

Tiffany, you are a valued team member, and your dedication and commitment are a vital link to our operations!