Officials Sign the Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Baker Act Coordination to Comply with the Forgione Law

Bridgeway Center Inc. Receives Grant from the Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida Inc.

(L-R: Walton County Sheriff Michael A. Adkinson, Jr.; Ft. Walton Beach Medical Center Administrator John Deardorff; Senator Don Gaetz; Bridgeway Center Inc. CEO Daniel Cobbs; and Okaloosa County Sheriff Larry Ashley)

Shalimar, FL - On February 18, 2011 local law enforcement agencies, hospital administrators and mental health representatives signed the Memorandum of Understanding regarding Baker Act coordination to comply with the Anthony Forgione Act which was sponsored by Senator Don Gaetz. The signing ceremony took place at the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office. Bridgeway Center and Fort Walton Beach Medical Center are the County's only accredited receiving agencies for Baker Act patients.

Sheriff Larry Ashley praised Daniel Cobbs, Bridgeway Center's Chief Executive Officer, for forging the agreement needed to meet the law's requirements. Sheriff Ashley was quoted in the Northwest Florida Daily News as saying, "To build a consensus with this many stakeholders is a momentous task. He took the lion by the mane and did what it took to build that consensus."

(L-R: Don Adams,Okalooa County Sheriff's Office; Paul Lawson,Okaloosa County Department of Corrections; Crestview Police Chief Brian Mitchell; David Fuller, CEO North Okaloosa Medical Center; Bridgeway Center CEO Daniel Cobbs; Walton County Sheriff Michael A. Adkinson, Jr; John Deardorff, CEO Ft. Walton Beach Medical Center; Sen. Don Gaetz; Shalimar Police Chief John Cash; Okaloosa County Sheriff Larry Ashley; Valparaiso Police Chief Joe Hart; Graham Fountain, Walton County Sheriff's Office; David Whalen, CEO Twin Cities Hospital; and Fort Walton Beach Police Chief Ted Litschauer)


Officials Sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Regarding Baker Act Coordination.