Job Details: Wraparound (WRAP) Services Peer Support Specialist

Date Posted: 12.08.17

Title: Wraparound (WRAP) Services Peer Support Specialist

Location: Crestview

Closing Date: 12.29.17

Description: See qualifications.


MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: High School Diploma and Certified as a Recovery Peer Specialist – Family (CRPS-F) OR has “lived the experience” as a primary caregiver to another person who has or is in recovery from a substance use or mental health condition AND will complete the (CRPS-F) within two years of employment. Applicant must be 2 years or more in recovery and must be 2 years from the last Department of Children and Families Investigation.  Relies heavily on technology; therefore, must have experience in basic computer skills including knowledge of creating folders, saving and retrieving files, e-mail (Outlook), MS Office (Word and Excel), using web browsers such as Internet Explorer and/or Mozilla Firefox, along with operating a keyboard, mouse, and printer. Must be able to pass a DCF Level II background screening, TB screening, and a drug screening. Must have a valid Florida driver’s license and meet all BCI requirements for vehicle operations and transportation of persons in BCI and non-BCI vehicles.

JOB REQUIREMENTS: BCI is hiring for a Peer Support Specialist. We are looking for highly motivated applicants that want to learn and grow in our industry. We are excited to meet interested potential teammates. BCI offers competitive salary and benefits. The Peer Support Specialist will:
1. Provide peer counseling and support, drawing on common experiences as a peer, to validate individuals’ experiences and to provide guidance and encouragement.
2. Serve as a mentor to promote hope and empowerment.
3. Collaborate with the team to promote a team culture in which each person’s point of view, experiences, and preferences are recognized, understood, respected, and in which self-determination and decision-making in treatment planning are maximized and supported.
4. Serve as the liaison between the team and consumer-run programs such as self-help groups or support groups.
5. Perform mentoring, problem-solving, encouragement, and support.
6. Provide work-related supportive services such as assistance securing necessary clothing and grooming supplies, wake-up calls, and transportation.
7. Provide ongoing assessment, problem solving, side-by-side services, skill teaching, support (prompts assignments, encouragement), and environmental adaptations to assist with activities of daily living.
8. Provide practical help and supports, mentoring, advocacy, coordination, side-by-side individualized support, problem solving, direct assistance and supervision to help persons obtain the necessities of daily living including:

  • medical and dental health care;
  • legal and advocacy services;
  • financial support such as entitlements, housing subsidies, money-management services;
  • Clothing and hygiene;
  • proper nutrition and meal management;
  • transportation

9. Assist in the provision of direct clinical services to clients on an individual, group, and family basis in the office and in community settings to teach symptom-management techniques and promote personal growth and development by assisting persons served to cope with internal and external stresses.

***Applicant must meet the minimum requirements to be considered for this position. NO EXCEPTIONS.***

Notify the Human Resources Office in advance if you require special disability accommodations to participate in the employment process.

Hours: Part-Time