CEO Executive Summary of BCI's Clinical Internship Program

As an intern, you get to know the fundamental human psychological aspects of taking care of clients on their progression for psychosocial wellness.

Hundreds of undergraduates and master level individuals have participated in Bridgeway Center Inc.'s internship program. Every intern must demonstrate competency in psychosocial wellness and demonstrate writing communication skills to enable them to effectively express their observations and thoughts.

BCI's internship gives good opportunities for exploration of then types of outpatient services. We instill the fundamental insight, critical inquiry, and analysis as well as sharing the experiences of the most pressing issues of psychological illness. We are working to create a smoother and more productive society. Through the development of wide-range, real world, client experiences, and relational curriculums we cultivate conceptual thinking, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence with a new generation of social workers and therapists.

Students interested in interning for one of our programs should call our Internship Coordinator at 833-7400.

Updated: 06.17.13