Bridgeway Center's Philosophy

Our Mission, Vision and Values Statements.

Our Mission

To serve and protect families and children with quality psychosocial healthcare.

Our Vision

Be the safest, most progressive psychological¬†healthcare organization in America by our relentless¬†pursuit of employee and customer excellence. 

"Our Vision and Values define the Bridgeway Center Culture. They are the framework from which we make all of our decisions. When selecting employees, we are looking for people who understand the need for this vision and these values. Plus we want people on our team who are willing to embrace and embody them." -Dan Cobbs, MPA, FACHE, Bridgeway CEO

Our Values

  • Respect: Ensure fairness and dignity of others; communication is accomplished with a sense of urgency.
  • Integrity: Ensure an ethical environment where honesty, compassion, and intellect allow our associates and customers to thrive.
  • Service: Ensure the customer experience is a priority; complete information is given upon the first contact with BCI.
  • Kindness: Ensure compassionate service and well-being is given to others.
  • Education: Ensure Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is an active process.

Bridgeway Center's Conclusive Results Statement

ALL board trustees, volunteers, management, and associates strive to achieve our vision, mission, and values; and in so doing, improve the wellness of our community.

Catherine Berridge, Leading Founder

Updated: 12.08.16